Strip Lash Applicator

Apply your strip lashes with ease with our LDUK beauty Strip Lash Applicator. The curved tip is the perfect shape for lash pick up and application, allowing you to apply lashes like a pro!


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A simple, stylish Strip Lash Applicator!

Putting on strip lashes has never been easier with this strip lash applicator. A shape specifically designed to apply lashes seamlessly!


Hold the curlers up to your eye, place your lashes between the clamps getting as close to the base as possible – be sure not to pinch the eyelid. Close the clamp and hold for a few seconds. Done! Easy.

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Want the FULL tool kit which includes this strip lash applicator and the below:

  • Mini Scissors
  • Eyelash &  Eyebrow Tweezer
  • Lash Curler


Mini Scissors

Trim your strip lashes to the perfect length for your eye shape with our LDUK beauty mini scissors. Our scissors can also be used for trimming brows and getting rid of stray hairs.

Lash Tweezer

Apply your strip lashes like a pro with our LDUK beauty lash tweezer. The tip is perfectly aligned for precision and ease, allowing you to apply your strip lashes easier than ever before!


Lash Curler

Curl your lashes with our LDUK beauty lash curlers. Lash curlers are perfect for prepping your natural lashes, or using with false lashes for a more seamless finish.

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Additional information

Weight 18 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm