Sensitive Lash Tape


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Sensitive Lash Tape is used to secure the bottom lashes down whilst carrying out an eyelash treatment.

It’s your favourite Sensitive Tape, now in black and white!

This tape is very (very!) similar to the popular, best-selling blue sensitive tape – you know the one we mean! But, for a fraction of the cost.

What you need to know about Sensitive Lash Tape:

  • Extra comfortable for your clients – particularly those with sensitive or reactive skin
  • Gentle and soft when being removed
  • Great to use when “layering” as it doesn’t pull at extensions

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This tape can be used for all sorts of different techniques to! Such as:

  • Getting to the inner corners (use the tape to gently pull the lid and expose inner lashes)
  • Layering (using the tape to hold layers of lashes back to reveal each natural lash)
  • Lifting the eyelid (client with slightly droopy eyes or skin)
  • Laying across the eyelid (prevents the eyes from flickering)
  • Lifting the outer eye (to reveal natural lashes that sit closer together on the outer of the lash line)
  • Black tape is fantastic to how up light/blonde lashes!

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 3 cm

Black, White