Pre-Made Volume Fans Mixed Lengths

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360 Fans Per Box!

Pre-made fans are a must have for any Lash Artist wanting to create perfect and symmetrical volume lash sets.



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5D, 8D & 10D Pre-Made Volume Fans Mixed Lengths are a must have for any Lash Artist wanting to create perfect and symmetrical volume lash sets.

360 Fans Per Box!

Are you trained in Classic lashes but your clients are wanting more volume in their sets? Now is the time to try our pre made volume fans and create fuller and fluffier sets! Pre made volume lashes are an alternative to making your own fans, which takes a lot of time and practice. They can be used on their own or they can be mixed with our Super Soft Flat Classic lashes to create fabulous hybrid sets!

What are pre made fans?

  • Pre made fans are just that, "PRE MADE". Meaning they are ready for you to apply straight onto your clients natural lash
  • They are heat bonded and therefore stay together when picked up and still only require one dip in adhesive (see how to pick them up here!) 
  • Each fan is made to be perfectly balanced with the exact number of lashes in each fan and the same width consistency
Benefits of pre made lashes:
  • Quicker and easier application as you do not need to hand make each fan individually therefore speeding up appointment times.
  • Consistently neat sets because of the uniformity and balance of each fan
  • They can be mixed with hand made Russian volume fans to help you when practicing

What you need to know about our 5D, 8D & 10D Pre-Made Volume Fans Mixed Lengths:

  • Curl – C, D
  • Mixed lengths- 8mm- 15mm ( 1x8mm, 2x9mm, 3x10mm, 3x11mm, 3x12mm, 3x13mm, 2x14mm, 1x15mm)
  • 18rows/ 20fans per row- 360 fans per box!
  • Heat bonded
  • Pointy base
  • Ultra soft and feathery
  • Easy to remove off the strip
  • Consistent curl and length
  • Hand made out of ultra soft premium quality and synthetic fibre

Let's have a look at how to apply our Pre made lashes!

Pre made fans are applied the same way as classic lashes. It is very important that you understand the different dimensions and weights that are suitable for each client's natural lashes. Pre made fans are heat bonded. Due to this, they do not "wrap" around the natural lash like a handmade Russian volume fan would. Simply lay the pre made fan on top of the natural lash when applying.

Historically, pre made fans had chunky, thick bases, but they have come a long way! Our pre made fans have thin and pointy bases!

So, what are you waiting for?! Let's make some full and fluffy volume sets in a fraction of the time and half of the stress!

Customer 5-star reviews on our pre made lashes:

Olivia M: Super easy to use and create beautiful soft fluffy sets. So happy with my purchase.

Anonymous: Highly recommend! Good quality lashes, amazing price, and super fast delivery!!

Charlotte P: Very good quality!! Makes a beautiful set of Russian lashes.

Kayla L: So glad I tried these. I felt like I was way too slow at lashing as I'm fairly new and sometimes have days where my fans just don't go right so I tried having a pack of these as a back up for those days and now my appointment times are so much faster!! Will always have a pack of pre mades on hand just in case. Fast delivery too.

Sophie H: Love these so much.

Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 14.7 × 11 × 1.6 cm

5D, 7D, 8D, 10D


C, CC, D, DD

10 reviews for Pre-Made Volume Fans Mixed Lengths

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  3. Samantha Davis (verified owner)

    So easy but I need to stop being lazy and make my own great for when in a bit of a rush

  4. Jessica Dumigan (verified owner)

    Love the lashes from lash dolls, and always great service

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! Good quality lashes, amazing price, and super fast delivery!!💗

  6. Elly Y. (verified owner)

  7. Tiarna Frost (verified owner)

    Amazing quality 😍 and speedy delivery

  8. Charlotte Player (verified owner)

    Very good quality!! Makes a beautiful set of Russian lashes

  9. Katie Irwin (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, light, fluffy, best I’ve used, beautiful full set when in a rush

  10. oona michel (verified owner)

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