Lash Training Dolly Head Mannequin

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  • Practice anytime
  • Portable
  • Doesn’t move around/wiggle like real-life models
  • Removable lids so you don’t have to use eyelash remover every time you want to re-do a set
  • Soft skin-like silicon material


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Are you ready to practice your new lash skills with the Lash Training Dolly Head Mannequin?

Wanting to practice your lashing but don’t always have a live model available? Our realistic Lash Training Dolly Head Mannequin is made from silicone rubber that mimics the look and feel of real skin.

What are the benefits of using a dolly head:

  • You can practice anytime and do not have to rely on others/live models
  • Your dolly head is a quiet client that won’t wiggle or complain while you are getting your timing down
  • Lids are removable so you don’t have to use eyelash remover every time you want to re-do a set
  • Silicon material feels skin like
  • You can take it anywhere, which means you can practice anywhere too!

Each dolly head comes with a set of removable eyelids with lashes so that you can practice, clean and reuse as you fine tune your lashing skills – you can even lash on the go as it’s 100% portable. Practice your isolation, lashing, taping up and as many different lash styles as you like with our mannequin head.

See how Lash Dolls UK Founder, Grete, uses our dolly head here for the Wispy Masterclass!

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Weight 1001 g
Dimensions 30.5 × 14 × 10 cm