Lash Samples

Sample includes the following lash strips:
– x1 Flat classic lashes
– x1 Easy fan volume lashes
– x1 Matte volume lashes
– x1 Silky volume lashes


*Lengths/thicknesses may differ from the product sample photo.


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We understand that whether you’re a newly trained lash artist or someone looking to swap to higher quality lashes, you might be hesitant in which lashes are the right ones for you! This is why we have created these Lash samples!

With that in mind, we have put together some small Lash samples which include 1 strip each of our following lashes:
– Flat classic lashes
– Easy fan volume lashes
– Matte volume lashes
– Silky volume lashes

This sample pot is purely for you to test out and look at the different types of lashes in person so you can be confident when ordering full trays. *Lengths/thicknesses may differ from the product sample photo.

All our lash extensions are made out of the highest quality and premium fibres. They are made from synthetic materials making them vegan and cruelty-free.

About Silky:
A silky finish will give a glamorous shine to your sets! Take a look at this video! 

About Matte:
A matte finish will give a deeper colour lash line, this is due to the fact that matte lashes do not reflect light and therefore keep their true dark black colour.

About Easy Fan:
Easy Fans have a small amount of adhesive at the bottom of each lash strip – this is to aid your lash fans and keep them together as one beautiful fan when you take it off the strip. Our easy fan lashes are double layered and create full, fluffy fans immediately when pulled off the strip. They can also be pinched to make super skinny, snatched, pointy bases.

About Flat Classic:
Flat lashes are just that, “FLAT”, meaning they are not fully circular and therefore shape and adhere better to the natural lash. Due to their shape, they also improve client retention! Our flat lashes have a split tip, giving them a beautiful soft and feathered look.

Creating beautiful lash sets takes time, so having the best products to work with is so important. High quality lashes like ours fan like butter and don’t criss cross!

Need somewhere to store your gorgeous lashes, check out our Matte Palette here!


*We recommend to patch test all our products before use.

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8 × 3 cm