Airtight Lash Adhesive Storage Container

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Do you have an Airtight Lash Adhesive Storage Container?!

If not, why not? Here is why Lash Adhesive storage is SO important!

This airtight glue storage container is essential to help to keep your lash glue fresh and ready to use for longer. No more wasting glue by storing it incorrectly! When it comes to lash adhesive, it’s all about the conditions you keep it in.

This large adhesive container has enough space to keep three bottles of 5g lash adhesive safely stored away. Glue storage is important to keep adhesive away from sunlight, excess moisture and other environmental factors. This is ideal if you want to use different glues for different clients, lash styles or humidities to improve retention and lash adhesion.

It comes with an airtight lid that you can close tightly to prevent air from affecting your glue and ensure that it doesn’t leak. For best results, store your glue with the silica gel packet that comes with it to reduce moisture and change this each month. Any excess air is squeezed out of the container when the cap is pressed to vacuum seal the packaging. To open and close, ensure that you press the button on the side of the container.

Get your glue storage right with the Lash Dolls Airtight Lash Adhesive Storage Container.

Watch this video to find out more ways to look after and get the most out of our glue!


Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 7.5 × 8 cm

White, Black, Pink, Grey

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